By Ignacio Enrique S.

UDP Political Scientist.

Glocal Citizen.

La Serena, Chile, March 1st, 2022.


“Starting from 2019 up to 2022, humanity in its entirety has been suffering from an untold number of impacts, be they social, emotional, political or economical due to the dreadful COVID-19 Pandemic, that has brought suffering to the whole of humanity, without distinctions. This feeling of humanity suffering as a whole has been reinforced by the massive expansion of technological tools that allow us to be privy to the events happening anywhere in the world. With this, a new tacit -or even already explicit- new global consensus has emerged: There is no margin for tolerating intentional humanitarian conflicts that bring catastrophic consequences, conflicts such as war -for whatever reason- or, more broadly, abuses of any kind, whether they come from Transnational Corporations, Nation States, local groups or even everyday people. Today we all have a voice, we listen to each other and we demand to live with freedom and peace in order to thrive. The New World Order is to live in Peace.”


Humanity has had enough, in countless places the people have rebelled against abuses, no matter from who they come from, be they transnational corporations, States or their agencies, civil groups both national and international, and even from everyday people.

This new found defiance is vital in order to establish an Oath for a New World. But… What has changed in 2022?

Simple. For the first time in our history, every single human being has suffered the same tragedy, no matter their race, religion, wealth, location or political stances, everyone has suffered the loss of friends or loved ones, all the while being locked inside our homes, unable to even give them a proper farewell.

That is an unspeakable tragedy. But at the same time, all the technological advances and breakthroughs of the last decades allow for an unprecedented interconnection among the people. If "information is power", as the old adage goes, now -almost- everyone has information -and a loudspeaker- at the palm of their hands.

With that being so, in this NWOath there's just no place for double standards or hypocrisy, by either national leaders or people. We must condemn every single conflict (over sixty-five active wars as of this date) in the world, as well as acknowledge the mistakes of the past. With conflict though, I not only mean War, but also child abuse, slavery, water, food and health access, animal care and environmental protection… Every single action counts in order for us to build together a new world, for everyone.

A robust and brief mechanism for the resolution of conflicts should always involve dialogue, respect, ethics, kindness, empathy and an absolute commitment to peace and democracy.

We can, and should, make these values part of the global governance to usher in a new era of global progress in peace. An Oath for a New World, with those values at its core, is urgent, and worth it. We can do it!

Written with love, from a far corner of this, our Earth, La Serena, Chile.